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In educational organizations , teachers are individuals who have an important role schools , because they directly face to face with the learners . A teacher in relation to the task of education and serving students primarily in teaching and learning absolutely must have a mastery of the material and technical teaching . Only qualified and professional teachers who can make it all through a service that he gave to his students.

That " Teachers who prioritize service to students ( to please and satisfy students ) is not enough to know about teaching but he would carry it out as well as possible " . To measure how much and how far the task performed better views of the quality and quantity of the required standard , the standard of which is the direction of teacher performance , benchmark or measure in the performance of duties of teachers . Teacher performance standard itself still raises some perceptions of the school community consisting of : principals, teachers , students , parents , and supervisors.

A standard is a form of employment size .Teacher performance standards in effect is a form of measurement or standard that can indicate the amount and quality of work expected to be produced in order to meet the needs of teachers of students . Moving on from this, the study uses a quantitative approach was performed in order to determine teachers' perceptions of Supervision and Supervising Principal With Teacher Performance .

The population for the purposes of this study selected public elementary school in East Jakarta Morning Balekambang 03 While the sample is a teacher . The result shows that teachers' perceptions about supervision services impact the learning had hoped , among other things teachers should pay attention to the quality or the quality of teaching by first holding teaching program planning and then do well in the form of learning .

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