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In making this application is expected to facilitate the layman in
playing and studying piano with ease without having to use immediately
known piano are quite expensive. Making these applications using Adobe
Flash CS6, discusses the navigation structure, storyboard (storyline), to
giving action script application is also made interesting because there are
audio, video, graphics and text are combined into one to be published in the
form of exe, so no need there adobe flash applications in the computer or
laptop. Integrated Islamic School in essence is a school that implements the
concept of Islamic education based on the Qur'an and Sunnah. In its
application the school ISAM interpreted as school approaches by combining
the implementation of public education and religious education curriculum
into a braid. Integrated Islamic school also emphasizes the integration in
teaching methods so as to optimize the cognitive, affective and conative.
Integrated Islamic School also incorporates education aqliyah, ruhiyah and
jasaddiyah. In implementation combines the active involvement and
participation of the learning environment ie school, home and
masyarakat.Dengan some understanding of the above one can draw an
understanding that a comprehensive public school is a school of Islamic
ISAM organized by combining integrative values and Islamic teachings in
the curriculum building approaches effective learning and optimal
engagement and cooperative between teachers and parents, and the
community to build character and student competitions. SDIT Daarul
Hasanah is a best top schools in Jakarta which foster the younger generation
became the generation that berakhlaq uphold noble values of Islam are in
the mix with the general excellence in the scientific field,

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