An Analysis of Politeness Strategies Found in Pesbukers Variety Show

David Togi Hutahaean, Herman Herman, Afrodita Friska Ferawati Girsang


–  This research was a pragmatic approach, which was focused on politeness strategies found in Pesbukers Variety show. The objectives of this research were to analyzed types of politeness strategies, to find out the most dominant type of politeness strategies, and to know factors influenced the choice of politeness strategies found in Pesbukers variety show. The theory of politeness strategies by Brown and Levinson (1987) was used to analyze the politeness strategies. The research method was descriptive qualitative research with content analysis, because the data were collected from document. The researcher chooses episode 10 broadcasted on 15th May 2019 with duration 1 hour 12 minutes. There were some steps in collected the data, such as: familiarizing and organizing, coding and reducing, interpreting and representing. The result showed that there were37politeness strategies found in Pesbukers variety show, they were: bald on-record 6 (16%), positive politeness 26 (70%), negative politeness 4 (11%), and off-record 1 (3%).The most dominant type of politeness strategies found in Pesbukers variety show was positive politeness. Positive politeness was done by speaker and hearer to made enjoyable situation, build good relation, good interaction. The factor influenced choice of politeness strategies found in Pesbukers was circumstances. Circumstances deal with sociological variables include the relative power2 (5%) and social distance35 (95%). Relative power (P) used a greater degree of politeness with others who have higher power or authority. Social distance (D) saw as the composite of psychological factors such as status and age. In conclusion, with this research we must be careful when used a language to communicate with other so that the conversation become run well.

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