Fernando B. Siahaan


Learning by using the conventional method currently does not support towards improving the
quality of student learning. Lecturers or academic staff have the primary function to perform the
transfer of knowledge while the student has the function to receive the knowledge. More passive
nature of this cause problems such as teacher attendance is absolutely necessary, reference
sources are limited, and time is very limited. The development of information and communication
technology in education in particular has given rise to e-learning methods as a solution to support
the learning is done with conventional methods. The research method used in this study is to use
the study of literature and observations on the use of e-learning on the web eUniversiti managed
by Romi Satrio Wahono. Utilization of e-learning can improve the quality of teaching was done by
students including students become more active in seeking knowledge, the Internet provides
learning resources that students need, and the formation of learning communities among students.
The conclusion of this research is the application of e-learning methods can improve the quality of
the students in the learning process, e-learning is present as the conventional method of
supporting the learning process rather than to replace it, and the application of e-learning is the
primary function is as a companion mahasisea lecturer in the search for knowledge, while
students are the main actors in the pursuit of knowledge.
Key Word: learning, e-learning, Internet

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