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The development of computer technology is now growing rapidly. Many of the jobs or activities
undertaken by adults and children using computer technology. However, many parents worry
about their children when using computers. Parents are worried about a computer can make the
child isolated from his friends so much time spent alone regardless of the circumstances. As well
as many other negative influences that parents feared would happen to their children if they
introduce computers to children early age. Be aware if the parents actually introduce computers to
children accompained by prudent supervison will actually gained alot of positif impact. One
positive effect obtained is to improve learning ability and skills of chiledren. In order to obtain
optoimal benefit that a parent or teacher can choose a program that fits the child prossessed the
inteligence level of inteligence so that it can stimulate them with educational or edutainment
Keywords: computer introduces tips, Impact of computers, tips on choosing a computer program

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