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All this from a business orientation is purely for profit (profit-oriented). The basic principle which is widely accepted in the business world is business is business. Along with the development of global environmental issues, concepts and applications growing CSR. CSR is not simply a company's social obligations, but also as the concept of sustainable development. However, many companies implement CSR merely incidental activities, such as providing assistance to victims of disaster, donations, and other forms of other charity activities. CSR is thus completed only the problem that has not been a top priority. That ultimately matters is not exactly urgent attention.Community development is one form of activity that can be implemented as a form of corporate social responsibility that can provide benefits to communities and organizations. development of a community empowerment activities as the organization's responsibility towards society in the environment and the wider community associated with the organization. This research methods literature, which is done by collecting the data contained in the books of literature, legislation, results of seminars and other resources related to the problem under study. The data obtained will be analyzed in a qualitative analysis is conducted by understanding and assemble the data that has been collected and arranged systematically, and conclusions drawn. The results showed that there are many companies that have implemented programs CSRnya through community development activities, such as: provision of capital assistance program for small businesses, partnerships with community programs, community training programs, infrastructure development programs, and various other programs that can achieve sustainable development.
Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility, Community Development

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