Perkembangan Hotel Inna Garuda Yogyakarta Sebagai Hotel Mice Di Kota Pariwisata Yogyakarta

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Entering the era of globalization, many people do travel no longer just for fun. There have been many people who do travel along with business interests. People not only use the room to rest but also take advantage of the hotel meeting room is available for business purposes. Because it is considered to have good prospects in the future, then started a lot of hotels are starting to break MICE business is no exception Hotel Inna Garuda Yogyakarta which is now established as a 4 star business hotel.

Inna Garuda Hotel Yogyakarta was originally established as a regular tourist hotel but finally decided to switch to the world of business and optimize its function as a MICE hotel. As MICE Hotel Inna Garuda Hotel often have ups and downs in terms of occupancy rates. Therefore the management should be able to find a way to offset income from services provided MICE Hotel Inna Garuda Yogyakarta.

Since 1995 Hotel Inna Garuda Yogyakarta began to explore MICE business and build a meeting room that continues to grow to this day and there are 17 meeting rooms. And the hotel is also said to have a high enough level of development seen from the hectic day-to-day activities.

Key words: MICE, Income, Development

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