Peranan Hygiene Dan Sanitasi Untuk Menjaga Kualitas Makanan Dan Kepuasan Tamu Di Hotel Inna Garuda Yogyakarta

Yuni Yuliastri dan Atun Yulianto


At this time the various sectors of the State foreign exchange earners are increasing in one of which is the tourism sector. Authors interested in taking the material on Hygiene and Sanitation Inna Garuda Yogyakarta for its role in Maintaining Quality food and drink at the hotel as part of the hotel services.

This study intends to provide an overview of the F & B depaertemen task in maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of food served to guests. Method used in preparing this paper is descriptive quantitative research. Data collection was intended to determine how the application of hygiene and sanitation in food processing hygiene, storage of equipment and supplies the correct storage of food materials, and presentation of the food is served to guests. From the results of a study and discussion suggests that the role of hygiene and sanitation of food to maintain the quality of food in the kitchen coffee shop is necessary for food produced can be presented perfectly. Perhaps the trainees held periodically for employees, especially kitchen staff about the role of hygiene and sanitation to further improve the quality of the product produced by the food and beverage department. By properly processing in accordance with the standard operating procedure is right it will produce good quality food and decent served to guests


Keyword : Hygiene and sanitation, quality food, service guests

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