Prediction of PrivyID Application Comments Use as an Electronic Document (e-doc) using the Ensemble Vote method

Riza Fahlapi, Hermanto Hermanto, Taufik Asra, Antonius Yadi Kuntoro, Ridatu Oca Nitra, Lasman Effendi


Indonesia is developing one of the more efficient and effective Financial Technology (Fintek) support services innovations by using electronic documents. The Electronic Document provider business that is used as a reference and utilized by fintech companies is PrivyID. In this study, how is the commentary aspect of using the PrivyID application for digital signature services to become a legal electronic document. Web-based application platforms and mobile applications in the community are indispensable for the use of Electronic Documents developed by PrivyID as a service provider in business and personal transactions that are needed by the community. More in-depth research regarding the Prediction of PrivyID Application Comments in Its Use as an Electronic Document (e-doc) taken from 818 data of PrivyID application users. The research was conducted by combining 3 (three) algorithms (k-Nearest Neighbor, Na¨ıve Bayes, and C4.5) in the Ensembles Vote method which resulted in the best Prediction Comment value with an accuracy of 86.80. 


privyID, Ensemble Vote, Comments

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