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Tatu Siti Rohbiah
ABA BSI Jakarta

Wanastra Vol. I No.1, Maret 2010, ISSN:2086-6178


Kompas is one of popular national newspaper in Indonesia. But, on the other hand, many advertisement texts are grammatical error on writing. The aim of this research is to find out grammatical mistakes of English advertisement writing in that newspaper. This research uses a qualitative descriptive method. The erroneous data are described to know their causes, and then the writer corrects those errors based on the theories of English grammar. To support this research, the writer uses a corpus taken from the wrong written advertisements whether they are words or sentences. Then, the writer has found 113 errors writing in the English advertisement. Causes of errors are singular-plural, word form, word choice, verb tense, adding word, omitting word, word order, word not-clear, incomplete sentence, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, article, and run on sentence. From the causes of the error, the more frequent-errors are the capitalization (13%); the singular plural (19%); and the tenses (23%). These data become the unit of analysis in this research. The result is known that the advertisers do not care seriously on English grammar, especially in making a good writing, so they do mistake in making a noun both singular and plural, capitalization and English tenses. The advertisers really only care the advertisement texts.


English, Advertisement, Grammar, Error, Kompas