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Endang Darwin Durachim

Jurnal Pariwisata Vol. I No.1, April 2014, ISSN:2355-6587


Panghegar Hotel Bandung,is the one of Hospitality Industry was succed in the business operation , in periodical of year 1983 until 1986 was making progress of the business very well and booming, the reason is at that time the competition of Banquet business not so tight yet, and then Strategi Management Operation and Banquet Product Marketing at that time was carry out by excellence presentation and was supported by a professional / qualified staff. Another reason is at that time, the business banquet product competition in general are not making the chalange of the heavier one. Even the Panghegar Hotel Bandung was called “ The Best Hotel in Bandung” or “The Best Hotel Occupancy”for the whole of hotel in Indonesian Country. But an after year 1989 until 1999 until right now was making the chalange of the heavier one , because so many hotel of IV / V star as same level with the Panghegar Hotel. Causing of those case was making side affect of unfair competition in between one hotel with another hotel , it’s included the competition of Banquet Business. That’s why Panghegar Hotel at that time was stand opposite of big problems on the Banquet Business such as: (1).The Professionall Hotel / Banquet Staff was reducing, (2). Mayorities of the staff who taking care of service and staff managers are not competence according to the necesary in the hotel operation, those case is causing of recruitment are not selective or is hard to find the professional staff according to the necessary Competency Standard. As indicated of those case , the basic purpose of the examination is want to know what’s the Management Operation Strategy and Banquet Product Marketing can be in obtained of excellence power of competition in order it’s will be a good handling as well. The methodologi of examination will presented by quantity system in according to the definitely condition,to give the real figure, and making the analysis to looking for the several biggest of influence in between one variabel with another. Base on hipotesis examination T Hit. As: If the Management Operation Strategy and Banquet Product Marketing is definitely executed , it’ll upgrade the exellence of competition power of Panghegar Hotel will be received. And then if always being carry out continuity the Application of Management Operation Strategy and Banquet Product Marketing , its will be influence to stand opposite of the exellence promoted of competition power to the Panghegar Hotel Bandung. ” One of the key factor in obtaining an optimal successfull result in the Banquet Operation is excellence process of the job execution of the Application Strategy Management Operation and Banquet Marketing perform by managers Panghegar Hotel Bandung.So the Banquet Business Competition Problems will be reducing automatically


strategi management operation and banquet product marketin