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ABrief Talk AboutChineseSpeaking Class Teaching Plan From Point Of View Of Interactive Class Teaching

Yati Susanti
ABA BSI Jakarta

Wanastra Vol. III No. 1, Maret 2012, ISSN:2086-6178


In every language teaching, speaking class is a very important subject. From this class, teachers may know student’s speaking skill, and for the students, this class is one of their medium to practice what they have learned through oral exercises. How to make an effective speaking class is what teachers need to be concerned. That is why teachers need to make teaching plans. In Chinese speaking class, there are some principles for Chinese teachers. First, they have to “prepare the students”. They must know student’s skill grade, learning target, interests, background, etc. These are useful for teachers to make a relevance teaching plan. Second, teachers have to “prepare the subject”. A proper knowledge of teaching materials of the teachers will maximize class teaching effectiveness. Speaking class definitely involves interactive contact. This text used a class teaching of a teacher named Yang Nan to demonstrate Chinese speaking class. The author, through point of view of interactive class teaching, tried to analyze her teaching plan.  


Chinese speaking class; teaching plan; interactive class