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Education today evolving so rapidly that many universities, both public and private who had various kinds of courses, and this contributes also to the candidate - new students to be able to determine the courses they want according to their interests and their abilities.

Because there is no similarity material they earn while in high school to college then this means that they have to learn again from the beginning to be able to understand the material obtained in the courses they choose in college. Indeed, for some students this is not an obstacle but a challenge for them, but not a few others that affect their academic achievement even a few who stop lecturing them prematurely because it was not able to follow the material provided.

Based on the description above, the authors conducted a research based on the data - existing data to determine the relationship between the origin of high school majors with the development of students' academic achievement in AMIK Bina Sarana Information available at this moment. From the data - the data is the author divided them into groups / clusters based on value - average high school Diploma and GPA during lectures. This division aims to be done pengoahan data by the method of Fuzzy C - Means.

Fuzzy C-Means algorithm is an algorithm that is easy and is often used in the technique of grouping the data as it makes an estimate efsien and does not require a lot of parameters. Several studies have concluded that the Fuzzy C-Means algorithm can be used to classify data based on certain attributes. In this study will be used Fuzzy C-Means algorithm to classify the data value - average high school Diploma and GPA during the course of this study also tested the accuracy Fuzzy C-Means algorithm in determining the majors for new students Bina Sarana Informatics.

Application of Fuzzy C-Means algorithm in the determination of Bina Sarana AMIK majoring in Informatics at 150 student data samples tested in this study showed that the Fuzzy C-Means algorithm has a higher accuracy level, When compared with the method of determining the majors without notice value - average High School Diploma High School and the Department of origin has been done .

Keywords: clustering, Majors Student, Fuzzy C - Means.



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