Analisa Buying Behavior Pada Online Travel Agent

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Abstract-The growingof technology impacton the world oftravel, especially travel agents.Onlinetravel agentspopping upreplacing offline travel agents. Surely online travel agent service userhas a pattern of buying behavio rthat should beinve stigated. This studytried to determine the role of hedonic shopping value, shopping lifestyle, positive emotion an dimpulse buyingin shaping buying behavior, thusexpected to travel agent online companie scan develop promotions based onpurchasing patternsof consumers.The study was conductedqualitatively by observation of30 active membersof online travel agents, the datais processed descriptively. The results obtained are hedonic shopping value, shopping lifestyle, positive emotionand impulse buying forminga complexof consumer purchasing patterns, variety andgradually become shabitua lbehaviorin using the onlines ervices oftravel agents.

Keyword: Online travel agent, buying behavior, konsumen, online


Abstrak-The impacton teknologi growingof dunia oftravel, terutama perjalanan agents.Onlinetravel agentspopping upreplacingofflinetravel agentservice wisata agents.Surelyonline userhas pola ofbuying behaviorthat harus beinvestigated. Ini studytried todetermine peran ofhedonicshopping nilai, shoppinglifestyle, positiveemotionandimpulse perilaku buyingin shapingbuying, thusexpected totravelagentonline companiescandevelop promotionsbased onpurchasing patternsof consumers.The penelitian adalah conductedqualitatively byobservation agen membersof of30active onlinetravel, yang datais processeddescriptively. Hasil yang diperoleh nilai arehedonicshopping, shoppinglifestyle, buyingforminga positiveemotionandimpulse complexof pola consumerpurchasing, berbagai andgradually becomeshabitualbehaviorin Menggunakanalat onlineservices oftravel agen.


Kata Kunci: agen perjalanan online, perilaku membeli, KONSUMEN, secara online

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